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Company Information

Individually customised home care
and rehabilitation products for all abilities
"P.A.S. CO.,LTD" is specialised in manufacturing high quality assisted and rehabilitation products, seating systems;
organising seminars, and more. It started in 1999 as a small art class for people with all abilities.
Through that experience, we decided to make seating systems, to support our fundamental occupation of sitting.
We have been developing and producing seating systems, which designed by Occupational Therapists for people with disabilities since then.
Today, we assume a role of providing a variety of cushions, seats and seating systems for all abilities by utilising the fullest the enriched experience and knowledge of these occupational therapists...

-Never give up and find the ways to make it possible
-Be prepared and be decisive
-Prompt action and value customers’ happiness
Company Profile; P.A.S. CO.,LTD
Offices; 1-3-21, Onohara-Higashi,Mino-city, Osaka,562-0031 JAPAN
Established: 9th December, 1999
Capital; ¥10,000,000 JPY (US$ 83,110.00)
Executive team, Kenichi Muraguchi, Hisako Nomura
Employees, 30 as of October 2015
Product Lines; Customised wheelchairs, wheelchair seating systems, wheelchair accessories, a wide variety of cushions, multi-sensory tools for occupational therapy.