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Discover the P.A.S. Seating design technique

We believe seat cushions are meant to offer comfort and relief.
Our therapists feel individual bodies with our hands to find the equilibrium, the most comfortable alignment,
which flow with gravity, and the best positions for the individual cushion design.
The detailed process is based on Kinematics, Anatomy, Occupational therapy,
Ecological psychology and the Feldenkrais Method.
We then collect the above data by using cutting edge scanning technology.

We presented at the International Congress presentation with the seat pressure data,
the stress load check using saliva and the heart rate measurement.

Ecological Three Dimensional Molding system

Our measurement is done while adjusting the center of gravity, the alignment of bones, the skeletal and muscle alignment.
In order to have the efficient muscle and joint movement, we design the neutral posture under the force of gravity; we take the weight,
muscle tension and movement into consideration. This allows us to have the joyous ecological relationship with the supporting surface.
Our technique provides the enriched seating environment

Explore the position of the center of gravity
by lifting up a person many times

We usually perform the measurement with 3 staff members.
The therapist lifts the customers up many times to find the position
which has the least gravity load, so they can use the gravity in the most effective way.
The second staff supports their heads
so that they can keep their posture.
The third staff molds it carefully with the bead bag.
The staffs and the customers share the body balance information.

Explore the position of the center of gravity by lifting up a person many times
Our technique; to straighten up
while feeling the tensions of muscles and skin

The ideal posture allows the muscles to work its best and relieves muscle tension.
We feel our customers’ muscles and skin to collect the muscle and skin information of stiffness, firmness, temperature, elasticity, and swelling.
When they are in pain or have pressure sores, we feel and see where the cause of pain or uncomfortableness is coming from. We pinpoint the most supportive area
so that we can design a seat with least pressured for the each customers.

Our technique; to straighten up while feeling the tensions of muscles and skin
Feel, explore, and encounter the ideal postures
for individual customers

The detailed process is based on Kinematics and Anatomy;
First we determine the angles of the seat surface and the backrest.
Then we design the three dimensional supporting surface for the pelvis at the least pressured position.
Then, we do femoral placement while checking flexibility of the hip joints.
That allows placing the ribs in a proper place for deep breathing,
and the abdominal muscle to keep the most efficient position.
The backrest has built-in scapula rests to situate them,
this is best for scapula –clavicle alignment which would be good for humeri rotation.

The seating design is ETHREEM, the technique of the skillful craftsperson.

Feel, explore, and encounter the ideal postures for individual customers
the real seating design
See how easily you can move well and sit well with the real seating design

We used to think people with disabilities are doomed to have bad postures. That causes too much muscle tension, retroflexion, difficulty in sitting, or pains. That led us to the consideration that the stable posture does not correspond to intense rehabilitation. The seating design helps people with deformed posture or people with disabilities. I guess I did not have doubts about that when I was working at the Centre for children with disabilities.
However, since I started to design the seating for them , I learned that we have to pursue both comfort and functionality. When we can use our body well on the chair, it means it is comfortable and stable to support us. We know we reach out in all directions. It brings us nice surprises too, such us breathing, metabolism, facial expressions, communication, and motivation. The proper seating has the most effective outcome I ever had in my carreer as an Occupational Therapist.

Occupational Therapist Occupational Therapist Occupational Therapist

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-Hisako Nomura,Occupational Therapist and ETHREEM technique developer

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